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Bridal Styling & Dressing

We offer this service both to brides based in India who don’t know where to begin and need help or brides based outside India who are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and have limited time available on their shopping trip. This is where we as professional stylists come in to help and guide you in this entire process. When searching for the best outfits for you, we understand your style, body type, preferences, which cuts and silhouettes work best for you as well as how much you are comfortable spending. We then chalk out a plan for you as with the multitude of options out there, this entire process can be almost never ending and a magnitude of a task on your own. We accompany you to designers and assist you with choices on your wedding wear and accessories. Even if you are not planning to travel to India, we can assist you with your wedding shopping with consultations over phone/skype and make a finished product.


Wedding Invites, Favors & Gifts

Custom made wedding invites & favors are a great option. Personalised wedding cards are made as per your choice to make them look elegant to invite your guests.

Engraved candleholders, takeaway silver table name-card holders and even custom made candles and soaps with special wedding wrappers are some examples of wedding favors that can be made unique to your event. You can also choose these, according to your theme and the colour scheme of the wedding and other events.